Because it's the ordinary
      moments which bring
      the most joy.



Welcome To The Ordinary Workshop

These ordinary moments that are so familiar they are often overlooked.
When we learn to embrace, pause, and welcome them, we can be free to live in joy.

You see, there's this lie.

This lie of an idea that we subject ourselves to. The idea that who we are isn’t’ enough. That we need to be different, more, and extraordinary. Even the idea that we should conform to other's expectations.

But the ordinary – that’s where freedom happens. The not caring – where you’re unleashed to be who you are and you can savor your life as it is – even when it may seem insignificant to others. 

This desire to live life fully and shamelessly is where The Ordinary Workshop was born and lives. And right now, that means using film as my medium and teaching others how to shoot confidently to capture their ordinary.

So don't wait, sign up and start capturing your ordinary, because that's what ends up being extraordinary.

If anything about The Ordinary Workshop resonates with you, then don’t even hesitate to join us.

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