Do I need my own equipment?

Camera:  If you have a film camera (35mm or 120mm) bring it! It would be good to get more familiar with what you already have. Don’t have one? Not a problem. We’ll have a couple to share and everyone will get shooting time. We’re big fans of digital but this is all about film, so don’t worry about bringing it!

Light Meter: If you have one, bring it, if not – we’ve got you covered.

Film: We’ll provide 3-5 rolls for you to shoot with but if you have a specific stock you’re wanting to try out, this is the place to do it. (Want suggestions if you want to buy any beforehand? Drop us an e-mail.

How much is it? And is there a payment plan?

The workshop is $750 and includes all the sessions and meals. We're not fans of hangry. (Friday night dinner will kick it off and you'll be done by Sunday Lunch)

If you prefer a payment plan, send an e-mail here to learn more.

All payments are non-refundable.


The workshop will be in Charlotte, NC. We have an ammaaaaaazing house we're using that has a ton of natural light and a bonus backyard.



Who is this for?

This is for the film beginner who’s interested in learning the basics. If you’ve never touched a film camera, don’t know what metering or rating is, are curious about different film stocks and how the process works, and want to get your hands dirty and actually shoot – Then this is alllll for you. On top of that, we’ll be going over finding good light, making consistent images, and gear.

This will be a high-communal environment where no question is off limits or considered stupid. So if you like people, learning, and diving deeper into film, you’ll love this.



Are meals included?

Absolutely! We’ll provide dinner the first night and lunch the next day along with snacks and drinks. Don’t worry, food is important and you’ll never go hangry.

What about lodging?

Lodging is not included with the price, BUT you are welcome to stay in the workshop house for $50 for two nights. Though there’s no pressure to stay on-site, rooms are first come first serve and there's only 4 spots unless you'd like to opt for an air-mattress. Which, hey your choice! As well, there are plenty of airbnbs/hotels nearby in Charlotte and you will be able to connect with other attendees if you’re looking for a roommate.

Will The Ordinary Workshop happen again?

We’re planning on it!

Will I be shooting and gaining images for MY portfolio?

You betcha. We’ll have a couple one day and a family the next. Though portfolio building isn’t the main goal, we want to make this as applicable to real life as possible. We’ll be splitting our time inside and outside for the sessions.

Is this sponsored by anyone?

Well I’m Glad you asked! We’re excited that THE FIND LAB is a sponsor of The Ordinary Workshop. They’re throwing in some awesomeness for attendees you won’t want to miss.